Foreword by international organizer

Dear Guests, Fly Fishermen, and Friends!

Allow me, on behalf of all organizers, to invite you to the 18th Cortland Youth World Fly Fishing Championship! You will be welcomed by the beautiful region of South Bohemia and the picturesque Vltava River in Vyšší Brod and Rožmberk nad Vltavou.

For many of you, this will not be your first time here since this will be the sixth time the region and the Vltava River have hosted a championship! The first World Fly Fishing Championship took part in the Czech Republic and this region in 1996, followed by World Youth Fishing Championship 2005, World Youth Fishing Championship 2009 (in Chotěboř, Doubrava river), European Fly Fishing Championship 2011, World Fly Fishing Championship 2014 and European Fly Fishing Championship 2018.   I am proud to be a part of the team. A team which was built ten years ago, when together we organized the Youth Championship in Chotěboř. A lot of water has gone since and many new friendships were built. Those who competed in Chotěboř at that time, will be sector judges along the Vltava or even team coaches now.

We have prepared five competition sectors on the Vltava River for you. Two in Devil’s Streams where the river does miracles among the huge boulders. This is a kingdom of brown trout and they invite you for an audience with their red-dotted bodies. The Vltava River will offer you three more sectors downstream of Vyšší Brod and in Rožmberk nad Vltavou, where a bit of history will breathe on you.

Juniors, you will compete for the trophy of the World Champion in teams and individuals, but only the best of you, who will compete with their hearts and will have a bit of sports luck, will raise the winner’s trophy over their heads! Get ready as best you can to show your skills in the unpredictable Vltava River where nothing is granted. We hope that even those who will not win will enjoy the championship and gain unforgettable experiences and new friendships. Not only you will compete, but also your coaches and managers will too, we are preparing a special competition for them!

Come all, come to fly fish, we look forward to meeting you!

Jiří Pejchar – International Organizer

The only beautiful fish is a fish swimming in water!