Meeting of Jury after competition

Jury was discussing and solving few topics, more info in the minutes: Jury read more →

Draw and results

SESSION 5 It was very tight till the very end, but the Czech team defended victory against USA winning the last session. Spain performed also well in the last session and finally gained the bronze medal. Team Poland lost medal in the last session, however, one medal is going to this country as Szymon Koniecny.. read more →

Minutes of the second captains meeting

We are publishing minutes of the second captain meeting, aimed mainly on the system of the rotation in the Sector 1 and 3, schedule of buses and friendly captain competition. Minutes of the 2nd captains meeting read more →

Competiton sectors

Here you can find pictures of maps of the individual sectors. read more →

Minutes of the first captain´s meeting

The championship has been successfully opened and we are publishing minutes from the first captain meeting, draw to groups, schedule for the individual sectors and also contacts to sector judges for the individual sectors and also actual rules modifications. Groups table Minutes of the 1st captain meeting SECTOR_JUDGES_WYFFC2019 SECTORS_WYFFC2019 RM WYFFC2019 read more →

Registration activated

Registration form is already published at the page „Registration“. 1) Please, download the registration form, fill it in computer, print it, sign it, scan it and send it to our e-mail together with original .doc version. 2) Because size of rooms is variable, we will send you immediately our proposal of accommodation and after agreement.. read more →

27 Úno 2019
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We ask all teams to fill following registration form WYFFC 2019 REGISTRATION-FORM We prefer to obtain all documents by e-mail (, which is more useful for the following preparation of the championship. Ideal is to send printed, signed and scanned version and also original version in .doc format. Our secretary Jitka Chybová will collect all.. read more →