13 Srp 2019


It was very tight till the very end, but the Czech team defended victory against USA winning the last session. Spain performed also well in the last session and finally gained the bronze medal. Team Poland lost medal in the last session, however, one medal is going to this country as Szymon Koniecny proved his quality and defended world title from last year in the competition of individuals. Second and third place are finally in hands of two guys from Spain, Sergio Heredero and Carlos Delgado Campos. Congratulation to all attendants for a great attitude to competition and fair play.
I total, it was caught 2012 fish and the biggest fish was rainbow trout with total length of 574 mm. The change of management in our trout waters resulted in many catches of native brown trout in size 30 – 50 cm. 

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In the fourth session, the Czech team consolidated leading position in the Championship before USA and Poland, which did not well last session and the difference to the fourth Spain is only 6 points. Szymon Konecny from Poland is leading the competition of individuals followed by Jan Bureš from the Czech Republic and Carlos Delgado from Spain. It was caught 416 fish increasing the total catch to 1898 fish. Because of the warm and sunny weather, we are awaiting a dry fly action in the late afternoon. Good luck to everybody. 

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Third session was finally not affected by a rain, foggy morning invited competitors in a lovely day full of sun. The best team of the session was USA with placings 13 followed by the Czech Republic (14) and Ireland (22). Czech team returned to the first position after third round, second is Poland and third USA, however, the differences between teams are very small. In the competition of individuals, in the top three places are now Szymon Konieczny (Poland, placings 4), Sergio Heredero González (Spain, placings 5) and Mike Komara (USA, placings 6).
It was caught 352 fish, the best fish was rainbow with the total length of 560 mm. In the afternoon we have break to relax and refresh, next session is starting tomorrow morning. 

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Afternoon session was finished by a heavy shower which put rising fish down to the bottom and slowed fishing activity in the last 30 minutes of the session. Polish team was winner of the session with four victories which lifted them to the leading position of the competition. Also Team Spain made a good result and it is on the third place after first two sessions. First three places of the individual competition are also occupied by competitors from this three teams. It was caught 567 fish, the best fish had 513 mm. 

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After night rain, sectors 4 and 5 had a little turbid water. Despite of it, it was caught 563 fish in total, and the biggest fish was rainbow  trout of 574 mm. Czech team gained leading position after first round, followed by USA and Belgium. 

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