21st FIPS-Mouche Cortland World Youth Fly Fishing Championship
Vyšší Brod, Czech Republic 11 – 17. August 2024

Rule modifications

FIPS-Mouche has appointed Czech Republic to be the host country for the 21st FIPS-Mouche Cortland World Youth Fly Fishing Championship to be held in Vyšší Brod, Czech Republic. These Rule Modifications apply to the latest published FIPS-Mouche Competition Rules (version 2023).

Rule modifications PDF filefipslogo-cb

Article 2: General Information

2.2. Add: 2.2. Add: Five sectors will be on rivers, bank fishing, wading allowed.

Article 9: Bank Fishing competitions

9.3. Add: The beats on the rivers will be an average of 200 m for Sec III, IV, V and 150 m for Sec I and II. There will be buffer zones of a length 10 m on sector IV and V only.

9.7 Add: Wading is allowed on the river sectors and chest waders may be worn.

Article 11: Duration of events, scoring and practice sessions

11.3. Add: The hours for fishing will be in the program of the championship: from 09:00 to 12:00.

11.4. Add – All unofficial practice will be fished with barbless hooks, following catch and release.

Article 25: Eligible fish

All species are eligible, minimum size 20 cm. Measuring will be done from the tip of the nose to the extremities of the tail squeezed together.

Article 33: Awarding of points

33.1 points per fish: 100

33.2 points per centimetre of the fish’s total length: 20

Annex A – Sectors and Rotation Matrix.

Sector I : Vltava 29 P – upper – Devil’s stones (river)
Sector II : Vltava 29 P – lower – Devil’s stones (river)
Sector III : Vltava 28 – upper – Vyssi Brod (river)
Sector IV : Vltava 28 – lower – Rozmberk
Sector V : Vltava 27 Rožmberk (river)