Practice waters

Sector 1

Section for practice will be marked out in the middle of the competition sector and in similar smaller rivers in the area – Malše, Černá, Volyňka

Sector 2

Practicing will be only possible during official practice. Every team will have one boat for a 3 hours session.

Sector 3 and 5

For these sectors practice water will be marked out downstream from Rožmberk, which is very similar with competition beats and will be stocked with the same fish as Sector 4.

Sector 4

There will be no practice on the lake. The lake will be closed from May 9th for all teams; practice is possible on similar lakes such as like Malče, Dobrkovská Lhotka, Žumberk and Humenice

Other practice waters

Recommended practice waters are also other fisheries at Vltava river – Vltava 24, Vltava 25 and Vltava 26, and smaller rivers like Malše and Černá.

Map of competition and practice waters

34. FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship, Frymburk, Czech republic, 27. 5. – 2. 6. 2014