Sector 1 · Vltava 29 P · river

River competition

Sektor 1

A beautiful piece of water between Lipno reservoir and the equalizing reservoir of Lipno 2. The flow is regulated all year-round and very stable, offering fishing for abundant native brown trout in a deep wooded valley, full of big boulders.

Sector 2 · Vltava 29, lake Lipno II

Boat competition

Sektor 2

One of the first stillwaters to be stocked with rainbow trout in the Czech Republic. A stable water level will be maintained during the competition, the depth of the lake varies from 1 m in the tributary to 6 m close to the dam.


Sector 3 · Vltava 28

River competition

Sektor 3

One of the best trout fisheries in the Czech Republic. Thanks to strict fishing rules (fly-fishing only, barbless hooks only, minimum takeable size 40cm grayling and 45cm brown trout) helps protect the native population of brown trout which in addition is still regularly supported by stocking.

Sector 4 · Malše 6, lake Květoňov

Bank competition

Sektor 2

Květoňov lake is a small trout reservoir near the town of Kaplice with an area of 6.5 ha. It was one of the first trout lakes in the Czech Republic and it is annually stocked with about 2.3 tonnes of rainbow trout and is also famous also for big pike.



Sector 5 · Vltava 27

River competition

Sektor 3

The river has a similar character to Sector 3, the river is a little slower and occurrence of other fish like dace and chub is higher. This sector will be stocked with rainbow trout (30-60 cm) before championship, fish will be stocked from a raft and every beat will be stocked with the same number of fish.

Practice waters

Vltava 28, Vltava 27, 25, 26, Malše, Černá…

Sektor 4

Section for practice will be marked out under the competition sectors. Recommended practice waters are also other fisheries at Vltava river – Vltava 24, Vltava 25 and Vltava 26, and smaller rivers like Malše and Černá.