34th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship
Frymburk, Czech Republic, 27 May-2 June 2014

FIPS-Mouche has appointed the Czech Republic to be the host country for the 34th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship to be held in Frymburk, Czech Republic. These Rule Modifications apply to the 2013 FIPS-Mouche Competition Rules.

FIPS-Mouche Competition Rules 2013


Article 2

2.2. Add: Three sessions will be held in rivers, bank fishing, wading allowed. One session will be held on the lake, boat fishing. One session will be held on a lake, bank fishing, no wading allowed.

Annex A Rotation Matrix.

  • Sector I (Vltava 29P), bank fishing river
  • Sector II (Vltava 29), boat fishing lake
  • Sector III (River Vltava 28 – Vyssi Brod), bank fishing river
  • Sector IV (Fishery Malse 6 near Kaplice), bank fishing in Lake Kvetonov
  • Sector V (River Vltava 28 – Rozmberk), bank fishing river

Article 9: Bank Fishing Competitions
9.2. Add: During bank fishing in the lake, there will be 4 periods of 45 minutes fishing in different beats and 3 times 20 minutes for the rotation between them. Beats will be at least 25 metres. The use of landing nets till a length of 250cm is permitted. Rotation matrix will published during captain meeting.
9.3. Add: The beats on the river will be an average of 200 m.
Add new 9.6: Wading is only allowed on the river sectors and chest waders may be worn.
Add 9.7. In the Sector I (Vltava 29P) will be rotation between neighbouring beats. This gives the competitor double of the beat-length to fish.
For example Competitor 1 fishes beat 1 for 90 min, next has 15 min for rotation and next fishes beat 2 for 90 min. Competitor 2 starts at beat 2 and after 90 min and rotation will fish beat 1. – system will be specified during captains meeting. In case of odd number of teams, the system of rotation will be clarified during the captain meeting.
In the sector 1 only, fishing will be with a maximum of 2 flies, according to local fishing rules
Add 9.8. – No buffer zones between beats will be marked off

Article 10: Boat fishing
There will be two competitors per boat. Competitors may only fish while the boat is drifting and not being rowed.
Minimal distance of boats to the bank is 20m. While drifting within 40 m from the bank, boats have to drift parallel to the bank. In the open water, boats drift in position according to Annex B
Boats may drift with the bow either to the left or to the right.
Drogues must not be used
On the lake, the lengths of the nets may not exceed 250 cm.
Competitors may only cast in the area allocated in Annexe B.
Add new 10.11 : Competitors may wear their own life vest

Article 11: Duration of events, scoring, and practice sessions
11.3. Add: The hours for fishing will be in the program of the championship and vary depending of sectors .
11.4. Add: All official practice will be catch and release, the schedule and rotation of practice beats will be in the programme of championship.
Add – According to local fishing rules, during all practice both official and unofficial have to be used barbless hooks only.
Add – Sectors I, II, II and V will be closed for competitors and members of teams from 1st May 2014,
Sector IV will be closed for competitors and members of teams from 11nd May 2014, after the last official Czech competition.

Article 22:
22.2.1 Add: The controller carries out his work from the bank or from an island. Upon the request of the competitor the controller enters the island. Controller enters island also in case of losing view of competitor
22.4 Add New: Controllers may carry the material on demand of his competitor, to have it at all times within a safe distance. The responsibility for the material stays with the competitor.

Article 24: Eligible fish
Add: Eligible fish species: all fish species are eligible
All fish with a minimum length of 180 mm.
Measuring will be done from the tip of the nose to the extremities of the tail, squeezed together.

Article 29: Landing nets:
29.3. Add new: During lake fishing, nets can be up to a length of 250 cm .

Rotation of groups between sectors

Vltava 29
Lipno II.
Vltava 28
Vyssi Brod
Vltava 28
Session 1 Fri 3/6 AM A B C D E
Session 2 Fri 3/6 PM E A B C D
Session 3 Sat 4/6 AM D E A B C
Session 4 Sat 4/6 PM C D E A B
Session 5 Sun 5/6 AM B C D E A


Tungsten bodies – the official interpretation of rules will be as follows:
The usage of partially covered tungsten body is not allowed during championship as it does not fit to rules above. The tungsten body has one of its diameters definitely longer than 4 mm and it is not a bead, which can be the only type of weight visible on fly. Before the usage of this special supplement will be clarified in rules, the tungsten body can be used only in case if it is completely hidden within the dressing. It can be combined with another bead not more than 4 mm in its maximum dimension.

Nymphing line

FIPS-Mouche likes to clarify, before the start of the championships, the description of a Fly Fishing Line, so there will be NO misunderstandings.
We see a lot of so called „Nymph fishing lines“ appearing on the market and it is our duty to inform our members about the definition of a Factory made FLY FISHING LINE and to set standards. We believe FIPS-Mouche is making a good decision to create a standard, and that the quality of the competition will benefit from maintaining a sense of fly fishing without sacrificing the ability to make ultra-fine presentations for the competitors. The rule was set as follow: