27 Úno 2019

We ask all teams to fill following registration form


We prefer to obtain all documents by e-mail (info@ffch.cz), which is more useful for the following preparation of the championship. Ideal is to send printed, signed and scanned version and also original version in .doc format.

Our secretary Jitka Chybová will collect all documents and she will contact you in case of need. After we will obtain all documents, we will mark it in the table in page „Teams“.

The fee of the championship is composed by two parts:

1) „competition part“  

competitor (5 in team) 600 EURO
reserves, manager, captain 800 EURO

It includes:
– full board meal starting by lunch on Saturday August 10th 2019 and finishing by breakfast on Saturday August 17th
– 2 banquets
– all expenses of competition, excursion
– one year Czech state rod licence
– fishing permit for official practice and competition valid in official competition and practice waters for the duration of championship

2) „accommodation part“ – which depends on accommodation selected

Hotels offers single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, apartments (2+2, 2+3) and cottages for 5 people equipped by toilet. The price is the same both in the separate room or in one room of the apartment.

Price for 7 nights :

1 person in a double room 150 EURO 

1 person in a single room 250 EURO

1 person in a apartment 2+2 or 2+3  110 EURO

cottage for 5 people – 300 EURO (60 EURO per person)

Cortlant as main sponsor 

Accompanying persons 

The accompanying persons will be preferentially placed to the Hotel Panský dům to keep place for members of teams in the Penzion Herbertov.

After the registration of teams will be finished, we will offer free rooms to accompanying persons. 

Basic fee (includes presents, full day board, 2x banquet, excursion, contribution to organisation of event)  300 EURO

Fee for kids up to 15 years (includes accommodation, presents, full day board, 2x banquet, excursion)   200 EURO

1 person in a double room 150 EURO 

1 person in a single room 250 EURO

extra – rod licence, 10 days fishing permit 80 EURO

detailed description of rooms you can find here 

Please, write to the e-mail which participants would like to share rooms, if not, we will distribute you in the order you will record the names in the application form.

Every member of team and person who would like to fish have to get Czech state rod licence and fishing permit

If you already have valid rod licence please don´t forget to bring it. For other people we will arrange it in advance. Please, we ask all participants to:

1) print application forms (.pdf or .jpg) – we apologise, but we don´t have full electronic version

2) fill full name, address, date of birth, number of passport or ID card

3) sign it.

4) scan all application forms from all members of teams it and send it together with copy of all passports by e-mail to:   info@ffch.cz

application form – rod licence – rod licencerod licence

If you will attend only official practice and competition, fishing permit is included in fee. If you come sooner for practice before the championship, we will deliver rod licences for you to place of your stay. We can also help you to arrange fishing permits.

After we will obtain registration form, we will send you immediately invoice for approval. 

We ask all teams to send all documents and to make payment by May 31st 2019, later registration will be not accepted!!!