1st SESSION session 1 sector I               session 1 sector II             session 1 sector III session 1 sector IV             session 1 sector V session 1 indiv                    session 1 teams 2nd SESSION.. read more →


Preliminary results are made according the number of caught fish. 1 SESSION Session 1 group A sector 1          Session 1 group B sector 2           Session 1 group C sector 3 Session 1 group D sector 4         Session 1 group E sector 5 Session 1 teams.. read more →


During the 1st captain meeting was made draw competitors to groups. We present table, after it will be in final version with last corrections after 2nd captain meeting, we will present raw  “data version“.           Rotation of groups between sectors SECTOR I II III IV V River Vltava 29P Lake Vltava.. read more →


Dear friends, I would like to highlight two warnings: 1) Main road from Rožmberk to Vyšší Brod is closed just before Vyšší Brod due to roadworks, please, respect traffic signs and use road  Rožmberk – Hrudkov – Vyšší Brod 2) Few weeks ago was robbed car of Team Slovakia parking at road, please, don´t leave anything.. read more →

Rule for using of „nymphing fishing line“

FIPS-Mouche likes to clarify, before the start of the championships, the description of a Fly Fishing Line, so there will be NO misunderstandings. We see a lot of so called „Nymph fishing lines“ appearing on the market and it is our duty  to inform our members about the definition of a Factory made FLY FISHING.. read more →


I visited the glass workshop of the world-famous architect and designer Bořek Šípek in Nový Bor in the North Bohemia, where his colleagues are making trophies for the World Championship´s winners. A grayling starts as a hollow sphere of glass with a temperature of about 800°C. Then in the form it gets a relief reminiscent.. read more →

Shedule of the official practice

The official practice will take part on Wednesday May 28th and Thursday May 29th. There will be organised four practice sections – every day one morning and one afternoon session. All attendants of morning sections will return to Wellness hotel for lunch. Schedule of departure of buses will be presented during the first captain meeting… read more →

Designation of competition and practice stretches

We will count required distance for individual competition beats in riverine Sectors 1, 3 and 5 and design competition and practice stretches in the google maps in the list Sectors. Please, pay attention to it to avoid possible problems. Milan Hladík read more →

Registration was completed

Registration for the championship was completed and we solve only formal things. We will host 30 countries which will create 28 full teams. See you in 6 weeks!!! Milan Hladík       read more →

Registration – mistake in account number

We apologize for possibly problems, we quoted additional number of bank after slash in IBAN, which can make problems, so please use IBAN without it The correct number of the account  is: IBAN CZ2168000000004200326046 I replaced also registration form with correct IBAN Milan Hladík read more →

Accommodation of guests

If somebody would like to visit championship for shorter time as guest, it is possible to accommodate in hotel in special price. We will not organise this shorts stays, please, contact directly the hotel manager. We organise attendance of full participants only - members of teams or accompanying persons. Milan Hladík     read more →

Specification of ban of fishing before the championship

We were asked by few participants to specify the ban of fishing in competition and practice waters before the championship. 1) Ban for members of teams and their agents FIPS MOUCHE Competition rules 2013 say: Article 30 – Prohibitions a) The fishing of competition sectors by competitors or their agents during a period of sixty days.. read more →

Sightseeing trips

We offer for accompanying persons as well as for all participants of the championship two guided sightseeing trips. We ask all participants to inform us in application form about interest in the trips, thank you. 1) Wednesday May 28th 9:00 - Departure from Wellness hotel Frymburk 9:30 – Vyšší Brod – excursion in famous Monastery founded in.. read more →


We ask all teams to fill following application form We prefer to obtain all documents by e-mail (, which is more useful for the following preparation of the championship. Our secretary Jitka Bočková will collect all documents and she will contact you in case that something would missing. After we will obtain all documents, we.. read more →

My personal opinion on some competition rules

It was my mistake, that I mixed the official interpretation of the rules modifications with my subjective comments in previous report. I corrected the report about tungsten bodies and I hope that it is clear now, that it is official interpretation which will be presented during first captain meeting. Let me write an essay aimed on.. read more →

Tungsten bodies – rules modifications

We were discussing with Mr. President of FIPS MOUCHE Paul Vekemans usage of tungsten bodies and as the World Championship in the Czech Republic is the first championship in 2014, we thing, that it is necessary to clarify usage of tungsten bodies. Anglers generally use TB covered to the half under dubbing in the body of the fly.. read more →

Jakub Vágner will make movie from the Championship

We established cooperation with fames Czech angler Jakub Vágner, who is interested not only in fishing of giant fish around the globe, but also in supporting and promotion of home angling activities. Jakub with his team will make movie from the Championship which promises a high quality and professional approach. Milan Hladík read more →

International Supervisors

We obtained from FIPS MOUCHE names of international supervisors, who will watch Czech competitors: Jason Lieverst (UK) Paul Bourcq (USA) David Deane (Scotland) Douglas Rhodes (USA) Richard Maree (NL) Milan Hladík read more →

Accommodation before the championship

If somebody looks for an accommodation before the championship, there are some possibilities: Wellness Hotel Frymburk – special offer Accommodation Wellness Hotel Frymburk Penzion – hotel Herbertov   read more →

A little bit of nostalgia

A little bit of nostalgia! These gentlemen won the first fly-fishing championship held in the Czech Republic in 1996. All of them became legends of our sport! It will a honour for us to welcome them during the opening ceremony of the 34th World Fly Fishing Championship 2014 in Frymburk! From left: Jiří Klíma, Slavoj.. read more →

Week of meetings

Last week was full of meetings. On Wednesday, we had meeting of organisational team, we mainly worked on detailed programme and schedule of practice and stocking of fish. Detailed programme will be published on web as soon as possible. On Saturday I was invited to the annual meeting of our national fly fishing teams to.. read more →

Great partners of the championship

We have excellent Christmas present for all competitors. We are very proud to inform you that AIRFLO, SAGE and Traun River Products became the main sponsors of the Championship together with Hanak Competition. All competitors will get great AIRFLO brand new SuperDri floating line in championship-packet together with presents from other sponsors. Mr. Gareth Jones, Sales.. read more →

Logo of WFFCH 2014

Dear friends, Johan Sjunnestad from Team Sweden asked me for the official logo of the championship as he would like to make competition clothes, I thing, that it could be useful for more teams and I decided to put the logo to our website. There is version with date of the championship and without the date. We.. read more →

Foreword by international organizer

Dear Friends and Anglers, After three years as a top event in the royal angling discipline, the World Fly Fishing Championship is coming back to South Bohemia – this time centred in Frymburk. We are very proud that the organization of this event was awarded to the South-Bohemian Regional Board of the Czech Anglers Union… read more →