Rules – Ladies

3rd FIPS-Mouche World Ladies Fly Fishing Championship
Vyšší Brod, Czech Republic 19 – 25. May 2024

Rule modifications

FIPS-Mouche has appointed Czech Republic to be the host country for the 3rd FIPS-Mouche World Ladies Fly Fishing Championship to be held in Vyšší Brod, Czech Republic. These Rule Modifications apply to the latest published FIPS-Mouche Competition Rules (version 2023).

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Article 2: General Information

2.2. Add: Three sectors will on rivers, bank fishing, wading allowed and two sectors on lakes, both boat Fishing (one from drifting and one from anchored boats).

Article 9: Bank Fishing competitions

9.3. Add: The beats on the rivers will be in average of 200 m for Sec II, III and IV. There will be buffer zones of a length 10 m on sector III Rozmberk only.

9.4. The beats shall be selected in the way that will provide conditions for the controllers to maintain continuous visual contact with the competitor. The controllers shall be adequately equipped for this purpose (binoculars, rubber boots or waders, safety equipment if necessary). In case there is an island within boundaries of a beat, competitor is allowed to ask controller to enter the island and back continuously during duration of the session. Controller of this beat must wear chest waders.

9.7 Add: Wading is allowed on the river sectors and chest waders may be worn.

Article 10: Boat Fishing Competitions

10.9 Fishing will be done from drifting boats, no drogues allowed. Fishing will be in accordance with Annex B. Boats will be equipped with life-saving devices, however competitors are allowed to wear their own life vests.
In the sector 5 (Květoňov lake), fishing will be done from anchored boats, fishing will be in accordance with Annex B. Anchored buoys will be prepared on the lake and the boats will be fixed to the buoys, during the competition the boats will rotate between the buoys, the rotation system will be prepared according to the number of registered teams and will be presented at the captain’s meeting. Boats will be not equipped with life-saving devices, however competitors are allowed to wear their own life vests.

Article 11: Duration of events, scoring and practice sessions

11.3. Add: The hours for fishing will be in the program of the championship: from 14:00 to 18:00, last day from 12:00 to 16:00.

11.4. Add: All unofficial practice will be fished with barbless hooks, following catch and release.

Article 25: Eligible fish

All fish species are eligible, minimum size 20 cm. Measuring will be done from the tip of the nose to the extremities of the tail squeezed together.

Article 31: Prohibitions

31.1. a) Add – The fishing of competition sectors by competitors or their agents during a period of thirty days prior to the official start of the event (from April 19th 2024) with one exception. The practice on Květoňov lake will be extended to May 4th, when the last local competition will be held on the lake, any attendant of the championship is eligible to participate the event.

Article 33: Awarding of points

33.1 points per fish: 100

33.2 points per centimetre of the fish’s total length: 20

Annex A – Sectors and Rotation Matrix.

Sector I : Lipno 2 (lake, drifting boat fishing)
Sector II : Vltava 28 – upper – Vyssi Brod (river)
Sector III : Vltava 28 – lower – Rozmberk (river)
Sector IV : Malse (river)
Sector V : Kvetonov (lake, anchored boat fishing)