Registration 2021

Binding registration (application) of the teams will be ended by 30th June 2021. It will now be possible to register after this term. Payment of the starting fee shall be made in the period from 19th July till 31st July, not before or after the above mention period of time. According to current and still quite difficult situation regarding COVID-19 we kindly ask all the teams to send only binding applications and to make the payments on time.

We ask all teams to fill following registration form.

We prefer to obtain all documents by e-mail (, which is more useful for the following preparation of the championship. Ideal is to send printed, signed and scanned version and also original version in .doc format.

Our secretary will collect all documents and she will contact you in case of need. After we will obtain all documents, we will mark it in the table in page „Teams“.

The fees of the championship are:

Competitor (4 in team), reserves, manager, captain
1 100 EUR

Accompanying persons
800 EUR

Payment details
Bank account number: 27-7448760237/0100
IBAN CZ2401000000277448760237
Variable symbol: 407

Every member of team and person who would like to fish have to get Czech state rod licence and fishing permit

If you already have valid rod licence please don´t forget to bring it. For other people we will arrange it in advance. Please, we ask all participants to:

1) print application forms (.pdf or .jpg) – we apologise, but we don´t have full electronic version

2) fill full name, address, date of birth, number of passport or ID card

3) sign it.

4) scan all application forms from all members of teams it and send it together with copy of all passports by e-mail to:

Application form – rod licence – rod licencerod licence

If you will attend only official practice and competition, fishing permit is included in fee. If you come sooner for practice before the championship, we will deliver rod licences for you to place of your stay. We can also help you to arrange fishing permits.

After we will obtain registration form, we will send you immediately invoice for approval.

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