Dear friends,

As you have been probably informed by the FIPS MOUCHE, the actual situation regarding COVID-19 forced us again to change the term of the MASTER Championship. The new term is 5/10 – 10/10 2021. Everything else remains the same (the rivers, accommodation, etc.).

Binding registration (application) of the teams will be ended by 30th June 2021. It will now be possible to register after this term. Payment of the starting fee shall be made in the period from 19th July till 31st July, not before or after the above mention period of time. According to current and still quite difficult situation regarding COVID-19 we kindly ask all the teams to send only binding applications and to make the payments on time.

All participants are requested to send their passport numbers quickly to secure their licenses to:

According to actual restrictions regarding COVID-19 I would like to hereby introduce changes and restrictions valid for the MASTER class of the World Fly Fishing Championship in the Czech Republic. Please read FIPS-Mouche International Sport Fly Fishing COVID19 – General Safety Protocol.

  1. The term – the official start of the championship (hotel check-in) will be on the 5th October 2021 (the planned day was the 4th) and one day of the official training will be skipped. Sectors of the official trainings will be cancelled and it will be allowed to have the training anytime in advance. These changes have been already published on the MASTERS programme.
  2. The official start as well as the end of the championship will be held only at the hotel.
  3. Upon arrival to the hotel you’ll be requested to show one of the below mentioned documents:
    a. Confirmation you have gone through COVID-19 in last 180 days.
    b. Vaccination confirmation – 14 days after the last dose.
    c. PCR test made in last 72 hours.
  4. Most likely everyone (including organizers and referees) will have to pass an antigen test on a free day. The testing will be done at the hotel.
  5. The referees will have an individual transport to the sectors so they won’t meet the competitors at any time. This also applies to lunches in between each part of the competition. There is a possibility all the above mentioned would have to be changed according to actual situation. Anyway we’ll let you know in advance.

Fishing licences and permits will be ready from 26th Sept. 2021 at the reception desk of the hotel (WELLNESS HOTEL DIANA). Those documents will be valid for all training sectors which will be published on the official MASTER website in a form of map from 1st Sept. 2021.

Best regards
Milan Čubík