05 Bře 2024


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It is already possible to find the localisation of the competition sectors on the website.
In the Květoňov lake, the practice is already possible, lake is without ice and it has been already stocked, the practice finishes on May 4 th (according the agreed Rules Modifications).
In the other waters, practice is possible from 16.4.2024 (the opening day when fishing starts in the Czech Republic). In the competition sectors, the practice is possible till 19.4. 2024 only according the valid FIPS Mouche Competition Rules, after this date the practice is prohibited for all participants of both championships in the women’s and masters‘ competition sectors. There is possible to practice in sufficient practice waters outside of the competition sectors. For the angling in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to have Czech state rod licence and the fishing permit. The organisational committee will arrange it for the competition days, and we are ready to help to arrange it also for the practice days.