19 Kvě 2024

Symposium, Sporthotel Zátoň, Wednesday May 22nd, 20:00

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On Wednesday May 22nd from 20:00, we will host a small symposium dedicated to the ecology and breeding of brown trout in the region of South Bohemia, two expert lectures will be given as part of the symposium. All who is interested are warmly invited.

New methods of reintroduction of brown trout and grayling in the Vltava River catchment area
      by representatives of Society Friends of the five-leafed rose waters
     (Nové postupy v reintrodukci pstruha obecného a lipana na řece Vltavě)




Living jewels under the water surface in rivers and lakes of Šumava Mountains 
     by Dr. Petr Blabolil, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Science
     (Živé klenoty pod vodní hladinou toků a jezer Šumavy)