Sector 2 · Vltava 29 P · river

A beautiful piece of water between Lipno reservoir and the equalizing reservoir of Lipno 2. The flow is regulated all year-round and very stable, offering fishing for abundant native brown trout in a deep wooded valley, full of big boulders. Flyfishing here is very exacting, although the boulders are not slippery, it is necessary to ponder every step you take. The river width varies between 5–10 m, depth ranges between 0.50–1.5 m, but they are also pools with depths of 2 m.

In the lower part of the river stretch, there is also occasionally dace, grayling, brook trout and rainbow trout, but fish stock is dominated by native brown trout. We recommend to fish with a team of nymphs and carefully search every piece of water as in every pocket lies a trout. Dry fly is also important method.

Bank fishing and wading is allowed.