Sector 1 · Vltava 28 P · river

Vltava 28 is one of the best trout fisheries in the Czech Republic. Thanks to strict fishing rules (fly-fishing only, barbless hooks only, minimum takeable size 40cm grayling and 45cm brown trout) helps protect the native population of brown trout which in addition is still regularly supported by stocking. The fishery is also stocked with rainbow trout (30-60cm) and grayling. Grayling and other fish species are unfortunately regularly affected by over-wintering cormorants feeding on them.

The stable water flow of 10 m3/s will be maintained during the competition. The river flows through a mainly forested valley, it varies with a mixtures of runs and deeper pools, the river bed also varies between sandy gravel to stony reaches, often covered by water macrophytes. The width of the river varies between 20 – 30 m, depth between 0.5 – 1.5 m; banks are covered with tree vegetation.

Fish occurrence: brown trout (15 – 50 cm), rainbow trout (30 – 60 cm), dace, chub, sometimes grayling and brook trout. Sector 3 will be not stocked with rainbow trout before the competition. We recommend all flyfishing methods to cover all the water and all fish species.

To prevent potential conflict with canoeists and also to offer competitors fishing during the morning and evening sedge hatches, which is typical in this river in June, the competitions will occur there in the early morning and evening hours.

Bank fishing and wading is allowed.