Sector 5 · Malše 6 · Květoňov lake · boat fishing

Květoňov lake is a small trout reservoir near the town of Kaplice with an area of 6.5 ha. It was one of the first trout lakes in the Czech Republic and it is annually stocked with about 2.3 tonnes of rainbow trout and is also famous also for big pike. The depth of the lake close to the bank varies between 0.5 and 10 m. The banks are covered with natural vegetation, but without trees. Lake will be stocked by approximately 1200 pieces of rainbow trout (30-60 cm) before the competition. Other fish species include pike, carp, perch and roach, occasional brown trout, brook trout and white fish.

We have annually organised several competitions on the lake, from the year 2015 we have successfully utilised also fishing from anchored boats during several competitions including Czech lake fly-fishing championship 2017. Boats will be fixed to pre-prepared buoys. During boat session will be also rotation by 3 buoys. According your experiences, the boat fishing spreads fishing pressure to whole area of the lake and consequently improves also fishing from bank.

Boat fishing.