Closing ceremony – announcement

The closing ceremony is starting at 17:00 in the garden of Monastery in Vyšší Brod, departures of bus from Herbertov is 16:15 and 16:30 read more →

Draw and results of the fifth session

What a finish of the Czech team which utilised stumbling of his rivals and gained double gold, on the second place finished team France and third was Spain. Czech ladies finished in the incredible fourth place. Pavel Chyba, former World Individual Champion and long term member of the Czech Fly Fishing Team, utilised his skills,.. read more →

Draw and results of the fourth session

There is no significant change in the first three places of the team competition after the fourth round, and also Pavel Chyba consolidated his leading position in the individual competition due to the victory in the bank session in the lake. Ville competing in the boat session was not as successful as Pavel and fell.. read more →

Draw and results of the third session

Competition is very tough, France returned to the first place after the third session, while the Czech „A“ team fell to the third one, mainly because of the worse performance in both sectors in the lake, team from Spain and the Czech ladies keep position. Pavel Chyba is leading competition of individuals with the same.. read more →

09 Čvn 2018
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Draw and results of the second session

After the second session of the Championship, the team France lost his leading position and fell to the third place, and the home team proved his quality and gained the fist position followed by the team Spain. The Czech Ladies, who were third in the second session, keep fourth place in the competition !!!! Good.. read more →

08 Čvn 2018
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Draw and results of the first session

Team France is leading the Championship after first session followed by Czech and Spanish teams, the fourth place is occupied by the Czech ladies. It was caught 1 344 fish and the longest fish had 520 mm. session 1 draw session 1 sec I session 1 sec II session 1 sec III session 1 sec.. read more →

Designation of pegs in sectors

Here you can find maps of individuals sectors with designated pegs sectors read more →

Minutes from the second captains meeting, time schedule, departures of busses, sector judges

We are presenting minutes from the second captains meeting: Time Schedule of departures of busses departures of busses Names of sector judges sector judges, time schedule Minutes Minutes of 2nd captain meeting read more →

07 Čvn 2018
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Minutes from the First captains meeting

We are presenting minutes form the First Captains Meeting and draw to groups DRAW TO GROUPS Minutes of 1st captain meeting read more →

06 Čvn 2018
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Maps of competition and practice sectors

We prepared map of competition and practice sectors in the pdf. version, hope it helps for orientation Milan Hladík maps of sectors read more →

28 Kvě 2018
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Registration activated

Registration form is already published at the page „Registration“. 1) Please, download the registration form, fill it in computer, print it, sign it, scan it and send it to our e-mail together with original .doc version. 2) Because size of rooms is variable, we will send you immediately our proposal of accommodation and after agreement.. read more →

14 Úno 2018
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We ask all teams to fill following registration form registration form We prefer to obtain all documents by e-mail (, which is more useful for the following preparation of the championship. Ideal is to send printed, signed and scanned version and also original version in .doc format. Our secretary Jitka Chybová will collect all documents.. read more →

Foreword by international organizer

Dear Friends and Anglers, After four years as a top event in the royal angling discipline, the European Fly Fishing Championship is coming back to South Bohemia – this time centered in Vyšší Brod, in Penzion Herbertov. We are very proud that the organization of this event was awarded to the South-Bohemian Regional Board of.. read more →

Specification of ban of fishing before the championship

We would like to specify the ban of fishing in competition and practice waters before the championship. 1) Ban for members of teams and their agents FIPS MOUCHE Competition rules 2013 say: Article 30 – Prohibitions a) The fishing of competition sectors by competitors or their agents during a period of sixty days prior to the.. read more →

Accommodation before the championship

If somebody looks for an accommodation before the championship, tit is possible in the same room. We can arrange it for you, but please, let us to know it during registration by th March 31st 2018. read more →

Designation of competition and practice stretches

We will count required distance for individual competition pegs in riverine Sectors 1, 2 and 3 according to number of participants by March 30th 2018. We will design competition and practice stretches in the google maps in the list Sectors. Please, pay attention to it to avoid possible problems. read more →