08 Čvn 2018

Draw and results of the second session

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After the second session of the Championship, the team France lost his leading position and fell to the third place, and the home team proved his quality and gained the fist position followed by the team Spain. The Czech Ladies, who were third in the second session, keep fourth place in the competition !!!! Good result of the team Finland in the second session lifted it to the fifth place after this session and Ville Ristolainen is leading individual ranking. In the first two sessions, it was caught 2 342 fish in total and the three biggest fish had the same length of 520 mm.

session 2 draw

session2 indivs after session

session2 indivs of session

session2 sector I

session2 sector II

session2 sector III

session2 sector IV

session2 sector V

session2 teams after

session2 teams of session


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