10 Čvn 2018

Draw and results of the fifth session

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What a finish of the Czech team which utilised stumbling of his rivals and gained double gold, on the second place finished team France and third was Spain. Czech ladies finished in the incredible fourth place.
Pavel Chyba, former World Individual Champion and long term member of the Czech Fly Fishing Team, utilised his skills, local knowledge and favourable rotation and he added the European gold to his large collection of FIPS-MOUCHE medals. Second and third place were gained by two French Sebastian Vidal and Jeran Benoit Angely.
The best lady was Markéta Procházková from the Czech Republic on the stunning 10th place followed by Tereza Rutová on the 11th place. Third lady was Katka Švagrová on the 25th place.
It was caught 4874 fish in total, so the rod average was 57 fish.

session 5 draw

session 5 indivs after session

session 5 indivs of session

session 5 sec I

session 5 sec II

session 5 sec III

session 5 sec IV

session 5 sec V

session 5 teams after session

session 5 teams of session


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