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Timetable for Friday

Masters Departure of busses will be at 7:00 as usually, we would like to start session at Lipno Lake at 8:30 and on Sector VI Vltava lower at 9:15, other sessions at 9:00. Ladies Departure of buses for Sectors I, II, IV and V will be at 11:30 , pick up for Sector III will.. read more →

23 Kvě 2024
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Detailed programme for Sunday

On Sunday are scheduled check in, registration, meetings, and opening ceremony with banquet. – every team has check in own hotel (time depends on preparation of rooms, so be patient please), you have lunch on Sunday in your hotel (as well as every meal in the next week except banquets).  – registration will take part.. read more →

15 Kvě 2024
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Frequently asked questions

We have got questions connected with the rules and organisation of the championships, so we decided to publish answers, it could be useful for all attendants. We will update them continuously.  10) Discharge in rivers Discharge in the Vltava River from the Lipno II Reservoir (from Vyšší Brod) depends on the demand of the energy.. read more →

11 Kvě 2024
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Fly-fishing shop by Karel Křivanec in Herbertov is open

We have good news, starting this afternoon (Saturday 11.5.) Karel Křivance’s fly fishing shop will be open in Penzion Herbertov    read more →

11 Kvě 2024
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May Cup Květoňov Lake

Last competition before the upcoming Championships called „May Cup“ took place on the Květoňov Laker on Saturday May 4th. Except  the top Czech competitors, we invited also few foreign participants utilising last chance to practice before the Championships, namely from Australia, Belgium, Hungary and Ireland. Sunny weather influenced negatively activity of fish, so 48 competitors.. read more →

Ban of fishing before and during the championships

Before and during the upcoming World Fly Fishing Championships, it is necessary to close the sections of fisheries where the competitions will be held for ordinary leisure fishermen to ensure the fairness of the Championships. The ban of fishing is different for competition and practice sections,  it will already be possible to fish in the.. read more →

Fishing licences and fishing permits for practice

We would like to help you to arrange fishing permits for the practice week. If you write us, we are willing to prepare this permits for you and deliver them to your accommodation, including valid state rod fishing licenses. You can pay for the permits by the bank transfer. Below is the price list of.. read more →

23 Dub 2024
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The registration of teams was completed, the payment deadline was extended to 21.3.2024. A total of nine teams registered in the Ladies’s category and fifteen teams in the Master´s category (one of them is composed from Luxembourg and Sweden). Participants and the organizing team will be accommodated in Sporthotel Zátoň, Hotel U Martina in Rožmberk,.. read more →

05 Bře 2024
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