11 Kvě 2024

Frequently asked questions

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We have got questions connected with the rules and organisation of the championships, so we decided to publish answers, it could be useful for all attendants. We will update them continuously. 

10) Discharge in rivers
Discharge in the Vltava River from the Lipno II Reservoir (from Vyšší Brod) depends on the demand of the energy and on the management of the whole cascade of dams on Vltava River. Generally, in this time of the year, it fluctuates in range 6-20 m3/s, during weekends and holidays is on the lower level and during working days reaches the higher level.  For the competition week, we arranged with the river authority stabile discharge of 8 m3/s.
Discharge in the Vltava River between Lipno I and Lipno II reservoirs (Devils stones) is stabile whole year round on the level of 1,5 m3/s.
Discharge in the Malše River also is not under control and fluctuates daily because of the operation of the powerplant on the Černá River, but again we asked for stabile flow during competition week. 

9) Currency – In the Czech republic it is not accepted EURO, or in very disadvantageous exchange rate, you can pay by card, but it is better to have Czech currency as some pubs and shops don´t accept cards. In every town is ATM.

8) “Life vest“ (or „Personal Flotation Device“) it is not required in any sector and it also is not provided, but you can use it if you like. generally, lakes are not big, and boats are stabile.

7) Both ladies and masters will fish from the drifting boats in the Lipno II lake (Sector 1), in the boat there will be boatman, rower and controller in one person, boats will not use drougues. 

6) In the Květoňov lake, masters will fish from the banks, there will be three rotations in a session and there are three banks, so everybody will fish from all banks. Ladies will fish from the anchored boats, boats are big and stabile and we will provide a bench with a soft mat for everybody.

5) Length of the net is limited by FIPS MOUCE  rules to 122 cm

4) Licence and permits for practice – we will arrange one month state licence valid from May 1st, price is included in fee, but everybody have to buy „fishing permit“ for practice days, look to special article on the web 

3) Size of stocked rainbows in lakes and in Vltava 27 will be 30-60 cm. 

2) Kayaking and rafting on Vltava river will be not limited, but in this time of the year they will be mainly school trips, they usually don’t cause problems, we asked all agencies involved in the „rafting business“ for consideration.

1) All fish species counts, size limit is 20 cm.